Beverages · Good Mornings

Beet-Rose Latte

What's better to enjoy life in the pink than a pink latte? A recipe for the beet lovers! Lovely nutrient filled beets! With hydrating rosebud tea. Are you eating or drinking something for the health benefits or for the taste? I'd say first we eat with our eyes and then our taste buds, the nutrients… Continue reading Beet-Rose Latte

Midday meals · What's for dinner?

Tofu Bacon BLT & Mushroom Sammie

MMMMMMMM Bacon! Isn't that the phrase that's often used toward vegetarians as if it's a pain point? As if to say 'you can't have this if you're vegetarian!' in the hopes that the vegetarians go home and cry because they can't eat the dead, salted, smoked flesh of a pig? (It's not that they can't… Continue reading Tofu Bacon BLT & Mushroom Sammie