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Dried soup base


If you would like to make your own soup base, it’s easy! I’ll show you how! This is something you could do year round, you don’t need a garden for this, only fresh veggies from a source you trust. Sometimes you may have some veg that you may have bought too much of  (it was a great deal!) or that you intended to do something with but didn’t find time (it happens, no judgement!) Turning it into a soup base is a great alternative to letting it rot then throwing it away (yuck! and sad for the energy and money wasted)  Or maybe you bought the veg for the soul purpose to make a soup base (bravo!) This is great not only for soup but also for adding to recipes like mac’ n’ cheese or mashed potatoes, really anything that needs a little flavour boost.

There are different combinations you can use for your soup base. I’ll give you suggestions but also tell you what I used then you can get creative and make your own signature soup base!

Equipment you will need:

Veggies you can use:

(think: “what do I use most in my cooking?”)

  • carrots *(after juicing)
  • onions (any kind including green and leeks)
  • garlic
  • celery *(after juicing)
  • celery root
  • parsnip
  • parsley
  • parsley root
  • potato
  • oregano
  • rosemary
  • lavender
  • sage

What I used for this blend:

I kept it simple.

  • Carrots (5)
  • parsley (1 bunch)
  • leeks (2 large)
  • parsley root (1, trimmed)


Wash your veggies, (If using leeks, slice first then run under cold water in a colander to rinse the sand that gets locked in between the leaves.) and trim any blemishes, then grate by hand (ouch, and takes a long time) or with the food processor (much nicer and takes less time)

Place the grated veg in some cheesecloth and squeeze the moisture out. (*Note: if using celery or carrots, they have a high water content so I would recommend using the fibrous parts left over after having juiced them. Save it in the freezer until ready to make a soup base.)

For the dehydrator method: Cut out paper to fit the tray of the dehydrator and place a thin layer of the veg on it. (I used 3 trays) Stack the trays and turn on to 140°F/ 60°C for about 24 hours. Check it after 12. It shrinks significantly and is dry and crumbly.

For the oven method: turn oven on to the lowest setting (mine can only go as low as 170°F/77°C) Place veg in a thin layer on baking sheet and bake for 1 hour or more, checking it after the first hour.

Place dehydrated veg in food processor fitted with a chopping blade and process until almost powdered. (about 2 minutes) Add to spice jars using a funnel. This made about 8 oz of soup base.

Enjoy creating you own soup base and enjoy life in the pink!



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