Chocolatey-Mint No-Bake Protein Balls


This is a really simple recipe that comes together in minutes. It’s chocolatey and truffle-like with the benefits of nutrients like protein and iron rather than a sugary decadence. It is a welcome treat after sports!


They resemble moss covered rocks but I can assure you they do not taste that way. The moringa, which is used to coat the balls, tastes like a tea with a slight bitter tanin flavour that is quickly complemented with the soft sweet chocolate insides. I’ve included a link to the Discovery Channel’s documentary about Moringa below.

To summarize: Moringa is considered a superfood with it’s health benefits being myriad. It has been used for thousands of years and every part of the plant is usable. It is high in protein, flavinoids, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is used medicinally and as a tea and multi-vitamin. It is indigenous to places like India and areas in Africa and is grown in Hawaii and Mexico. It is a highly beneficial and useful plant!

In cold (read northern) countries it is hard to come by and that’s why it’s offered in powdered form which can then be made as a tea or added to smoothies or in this fashion as a coating to truffle-like protein balls! If you’d like to get some it is available on Amazon here. They offer powdered, seeds and pill forms.

Chocolatey-Mint No-Bake Protein Balls



  1. In a food processor with the blade attachment add: pitted medjool dates, black beans, cashews, mint, chia seeds, ground flax, ground oats, cocoa, pinch of salt and pulse until a smooth sticky consistency (about 1 minute) Add the chocolate chips and stir to combine.
  2. In a small bowl with deep sides add the moringa powder and pinch of salt. set aside.
  3. Using wet hands to prevent sticking, form the dough into 12- 1,1/2-2 inch (roughly) balls by shaping it in between your palms.
  4. Roll in the moringa powder to coat the outside and place in an air tight container for later or enjoy right away.
  5. Enjoy life in the pink!



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