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Berry-Rose Cup Cakes

Berry-Rose Cup cakes. A sweet for your sweet? It's indulgence time! I made these for St. Valentine's Day, for a bake sale at my son's school. You need to be careful these days with allergies so these are gluten-free, peanut-free, egg-free and dairy-free (making them vegan). I've heard the slights and thought them myself years… Continue reading Berry-Rose Cup Cakes

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Cranberry~Orange GF Cake

Cranberries and orange the perfect complementary pair. Perfect for the winter season and festivities! This is a cake which you could serve for breakfast Christmas morning! Bake it the night before and warm it in the oven in the morning as you open gifts or welcome guests. It's gluten free and vegan so it's great… Continue reading Cranberry~Orange GF Cake

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Tortie Shorties (Pecan~Skor & Chocolate Shortbread)

Turtles are a favourite at Christmas time. I mean the chocolate "Turtle". This flavour combo is somewhat like a turtle chocolate (chocolate, pecan and caramel or in this case skor bits) but since I did not use any of the turtle chocolate in this recipe I needed to call it something different. My snowflake cookie cutterΒ (I used the smallest one) actually resembles the shape of a tortoise which was perfect for this and so I shortened Tortoise Shortbread to "Tortie Shorties" I think it's kind of cute!Β