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Baked apples Stuffed with Spiced granola

Another fall seasonal favourite is apples! There are many different varieties ranging from yellows to greens, pinks and deep reds and can have many subtle or drastic differences in flavour. There are about 7500 different varieties worldwide! Wow! So how to know which one to choose for the purpose it's intended? All apples are good… Continue reading Baked apples Stuffed with Spiced granola

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Tiffany’s Little Slice of Heaven Bars

I decided to create something decadent while still trying to keep in 'healthy' in mind. I think these bars do it. They seem to be a marrying of healthy with unhealthy. Depending on what you use to top it and how many layers you decide to make will determine that. You start with the nut-chocolate… Continue reading Tiffany’s Little Slice of Heaven Bars

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Spiced Chocolate~Orange Gingerbread Loaf Cake

What is the spice of life? There is a saying that "variety is the spice of life" but how is variety a spice? I understand that interprets to doing or experiencing many different things in order to "spice things up" but why would we use the word "spice" in this way in the first place?… Continue reading Spiced Chocolate~Orange Gingerbread Loaf Cake