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Tiffany’s Pizza Salad

You can have a taco salad and a burrito salad. Pizza salad... Why not? Pizza is a fave menu item in North America. It's so versatile with different crust types, thin, thick, stuffed, gluten-free, cauliflower etc. as well as the endless toppings and combinations thereof. It's certainly a staple food in my house. We can… Continue reading Tiffany’s Pizza Salad

Uncategorized · What's for dinner?

Beet Risotto (with Beet Greens and Nutty Parm)

I love beets. I love their rich dark colour. I love their sweetness. I love their earthy aroma. I love its nourishment. I love how it warms me after I've eaten it. I love to see them growing in my garden. I love that every part of the beet can be used. I love the… Continue reading Beet Risotto (with Beet Greens and Nutty Parm)