How to Create a Vision Board

β€œCreate the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe. ” -Oprah Winfrey If you're new to the idea of a vision board, it is an excellent tool that has worked for many athletes and celebrities to achieve their goals. I like to use it personally as well. It is… Continue reading How to Create a Vision Board

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Tofu Bacon BLT & Mushroom Sammie

MMMMMMMM Bacon! Tofu Bacon that it! Try this out for your next "Meatless Monday" .   It's all in the flavouring. For those of you that would like to have those flavours but not eat meat it's easily recreated with tofu and a special combination of ingredients. It's better for you, the animals and the… Continue reading Tofu Bacon BLT & Mushroom Sammie